E-mail Hosting Package

Why use your domain E-mail Account ?

Presently, a free E-mail subscriber's email address is in the format yourname@yahoooo.com. The Domain Name Email allows you to have your own domain name for recognition purpose and professional image.

For example, if your company's name is XYZ Pte Ltd, your email address will then be yourname@xyz.com instead of yourname@yahoooo.com.

For example:

Free Email Address

Dedicated Domain Email Address

Only 3 easy steps to get your own unique Domain E-mail account:

1. ONLY S$20 Per Year For Your Own Domain E-mail

Include Tones of Features :
10MB E-mail Space (upgradable)
Unlimited E-mail Accounts (Flexible To Create your e-mail account and size)
POP3 (use like outlook express to receive mail)
SMTP (send your mail from your e-mail account directly)
WEBMAIL (web based e-mail access like hotmail or yahoo)
No Banners, No Pop-Ups
Free Registration Service For Your Domain Name
Free Upgrade To Web Space (Create Your Web Site later)
Free Setup


2. Choose Your Domain Name

.com/ .net/ .org  :  S$20 per year
.com.sg : S$70 per year

Additional e-mail disk space is every 10MB for S$20 per year.

3. Sign Up

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